Dr. Alin Alkass Offers Soft-Tissue Laser Surgery

Dentists are introducing laser technology into their practices to provide their patients with a wider range of treatment procedures. “Soft-tissue lasers” (also known as “diode lasers”) allow dentists to perform soft-tissue procedures without sutures and with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue. A dentist like Dr. Alin Alkass, who wants dental visits to be comfortable for his patients, is able to perform relatively pain-free procedures using soft-tissue lasers.

Laser Soft-Tissue Procedures

There are different types of dental lasers, each designed for a specific use. Dr. Alkass uses soft-tissue lasers to perform a variety of procedures, including the following:

• Removing benign tumors from the palate, gums, cheek surfaces and lips
• Reducing the pain and improving the healing time of cold sores
• Crown lengthening, in which gum tissue is reshaped to expose more of a tooth’s structure
• Reshaping gum tissue to improve a gummy smile
• Removing epulises, or soft-tissue folds resulting from poor-fitting dentures

A dentist trained to use soft-tissue lasers can treat children with speech impediments stemming from the condition called “tongue-tied.” This condition, which restricts tongue movement, can also make it difficult for an infant to breastfeed. A laser frenectomy performed by a laser-trained dentist such as Dr. Alkass can eliminate the muscle attachment and eliminate problems for a child or a baby.

As a person ages, sleep apnea caused by the growth of tissue in the throat can sometimes be treated through procedure called a laser-assisted uvula palatoplasty. The dentist uses a soft-tissue laser to reshape the throat to eliminate the breath difficulties associated with sleep apnea.

Advantages of Soft Tissue Dental Lasers

A dentist experienced in the use of soft-tissue dental lasers can perform surgical procedures without using sutures. The high-energy beams of a laser can promote clotting and reduce blood loss during and following surgery. The dentist focuses the laser’s light beam on specific tissue, which enables the dentist to minimize damage to surrounding tissue.

Patients benefit from faster healing times with soft-tissue laser procedures. The high-energy laser beam sterilizes the surgical area to minimize bacterial infection. The use of soft-tissue dental lasers also reduces or eliminates the need for anesthesia.

How Soft-Tissue Dental Lasers Work

Soft-tissue lasers eliminate the need for scalpels in many dental procedures. Dr. Alin Alkass and other dentists who use lasers receive many hours of training to learn how to control the power of the laser beam and the amount of time tissue is exposed to the energy of the light. Precisely matching the energy and the time of exposure allows the dentist to vaporize just the affected tissue, thus avoiding damage to surrounding tissue.

Dentists skilled in the use of dental lasers for soft-tissue procedures can offer a wide range of services to their patients with reduced pain and discomfort, less bleeding and lower risks of infection. All in all, this creates a more comfortable and less stressful situation for even the most nervous and apprehensive dental patient.

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