Snoring and Sleep Apnea: Are They Keeping You Away From a Good Sleep?

There are so many types of sleep disorders that can make it difficult for anyone to get a good and refreshing sleep. Many people never get a chance to walk up in the morning feeling fresh. Sleep Apnea is one of the serious and life threatening problems.
According to the statistics more than 20 million adults are affected with OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) in the United States making it as common as asthma and diabetes. People affected by this dangerous situation suddenly stop breathing while sleeping. These series of apnea can occur more than 100 times in one night. The most dangerous and scariest part of it is that most of those individuals don’t even know that they have this problem. This condition is really dangerous and serious if not treated immediately. As the body feels the need to breathe, the person is pulled out from a good and deeper sleep without knowing, which results in so many awakening throughout the night. These ongoing episodes result in various daytime signs that sufferers of sleep apnea experience.
For many people, the biggest challenge is knowing that if they have sleep apnea or not. Another challenge is finding the best way to treat this symptom so that you can find solution for the frustration and start living normally. Some of the most common indications of OSA are as follows:
1. Snoring loudly
2. Gagging, gasping or choking during sleep to obtain air inside the lungs
3. Feeling tired in the morning after sleeping through the night
4. Headaches after waking up
5. Daytime sleepiness and laziness
6. GERD (Gastric Reflux), instant weight gain
7. Difficulties in learning, short attention span and memory loss
Due to the lack of oxygen to the body during those times, there are major health issues that may occur because of untreated apnea and they are as follows:
1. Risk of heart attacks
2. Problems related to brain and stroke
3. Impotence and ED
4. Uncontrollable challenges with diabetes
5. Behavior changes
Noblesville sleep apnea dentist is the best person who can help you if you think you have sleep apnea problem or suffering from the above mentioned symptoms.

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