Top 5 Myths About Dental School

Are you thinking about going to dental school? If so, what's stopping you? Could it be all of the rumors that you've heard about the experience? If so, here's the thing: Just because you hear a particular story, rumor or myth on a regular basis, that doesn't always or necessarily mean that it's true. Sometimes, in order to debunk a myth, you simply have to do your own research.
As it relates to dental school myths, we've done some of the inquiring for you and discovered five of them that are pretty popular, but are also completely not true:

Your two years in undergrad matter most. This is completely false. Due to the fact that dental school is highly competitive, when the admissions department is reviewing your application, they are actually taking all four years of your academic performance into account.

You only should apply to your "dream school". Say that you wanted to work towards earning a social work masters degree online. Would you only apply to one college or university that interests you or would you apply to several? As it relates to dental school, the reality is that you should apply to a minimum of 10-15 of them and even that will probably only get you about 6-7 interviews. The moral to this story is this: Definitely apply to the one that you want to attend, but don't forget to leave your options open.

All dental schools basically cost the same. This is definitely not the case. The truth of the matter is that dental school tuition can range between $10,000-60,000 (on average) per year. The determining factors are if it is a publicly or privately funded and its location (for example, a dental school in Los Angeles is going to cost a lot more than one in Tennessee). This doesn't even touch the monies that you will need for supplies and living expenses. So, as you're looking at schools, definitely make sure to look at the tuition for each and every one of them before making your final decision.

Your options are limited. Sometimes, when people think of the words "dental school", they think that only means one kind of dentistry. The reality is that there are several different branches that you can go into including general dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery, dental anesthesiology, oral radiology, oral pathology, endodontics, periodontics, pedodontics and public health dentistry. With all of these fields that are available to you, it's a really good idea to research each specialization ahead of time in order to determine which one will be a nice fit for you.

Dentists are not actual doctors. Perhaps one of the biggest myths of all is that some people tend to look at dentists as "not real doctors". They most certainly are, but what makes them different is that they are a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Dental Medicine. They are not medical doctors, but just like someone with Ph.D., they are still considered "legitimate doctors", just in a different field of study. Plus, if you sit a medical student and dental student down in one room and ask them which is more demanding, you'd probably have a real debate on your hands. Just like medical school, dental school is strenuous and demanding. And, for those passionate about dentistry, just as rewarding too.

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