Bleeding Gums: Is it Normal?

Bleeding gums may be a sign of unhealthy gums, when you notice bleeding in your gums you shouldn’t take it for granted as it is not normal. It may be a sign of  disease of gums and you need a treatment from your dentist for this condition.

Bleeding gums are not normal and is definitely unhealthy. Especially while brushing or flossing if you have bleeding gums then it is a sure sign of  disease related to gum. According to studies, 70% of Americans who suffer from  disease related to gum normally have swelling and bleeding in gums.

Do not ignore this problem as the first phase of this disease called Gingivitis may get complicated if not treated correctly. Along with bleeding gums, Gingivitis also cause more serious problems where the bone that supports teeth gets weaker and gradually it will lead to falling out of your teeth.

Causes of Gum Problems
Dangerous bacteria, normally known as plaque cause bleeding, swelling and gets sensitive if not treated on time. If you avoid the condition without treating it, this can result in a condition where the bacterium increases to the level where it can get into your bloodstream and may cause more serious problems in future.

You can avoid the gum problems with proper knowledge and treatment
When you go to your dentist for teeth cleaning, dentist will let you know if your gums are bleeding. If they are bleeding, dentist will explain you the reason for the condition and what you can do about it. You may think that bleeding gums have been caused because of the procedure of cleaning, but you should know that if your gums were strong and healthy they would not bleed during the procedure. So, proper cleaning of your teeth and gums from time to time and regular flossing and brushing will prevent this situation.

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Marielaina Perrone DDS said...

Education is the key. I have come across too many patients who say "I just bleed a little".


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