Educational Dental Health Games for Kids

Both parents and dentists may be on the lookout for ways to make dental health education fun and interesting for kids that are just starting to deal with oral issues. Children that are on board with proper oral hygiene from an early age are going to enjoy a better chance of keeping teeth clean, healthy, and problem-free for years to come, so it's important to ensure that they practice good hygiene and that they understand what could happen if they fail to brush, floss, and rinse regularly. Of course, most kids don't give a hoot about hygiene; they see it as a chore rather than a fun and beneficial activity. But with so many resources online these days it's easy to find games that can help to interest kids in dental health and teach them all they need to know in order to keep their teeth ship-shape, so to speak. Here are just a few fun games that you may want to try with your own kids, or recommend to dental clients seeking ways to motivate their children.

The best place to start is with the dental procedures that kids deal with on a daily basis, namely flossing, brushing, and rinsing with mouthwash. There are all manner of products to help you here: you can opt for flavored or colored floss (or even get flossing tools to make it easier), Tom's provides tasty, fruit-flavored toothpaste that kids will love (and it's natural, to boot), and ACT mouthwash for kids is alcohol-free (no burning) and comes in flavors like bubblegum, grape, and berry that will probably interest your kids more than other brands. But if you want to make the process fun and educational, a little creativity goes a long way.

One option to help kids learn about their teeth as well as teaching them the proper amount of time to devote to brushing or rinsing is to create topical songs. Use a familiar tune like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or Jingle Bells and create your own lyrics that enumerate the perils of failing to practice proper dental hygiene (bacteria, halitosis, gingivitis, cavities, and so on) or list off the teeth in a child's mouth (incisors, canines, and so on). Your kids can hum along as they brush, floss, or rinse and with repetition they'll learn all they need to know about dental health.

Of course, the popularity of online gaming has had some positive results even in the arena of dental health. You can find myriad games for your kids to play that can help them to learn about oral issues and care. Check out websites like Colgate Kids, Learning Games for Kids, and Apples 4 the Teacher to find lessons, printable pages, and interactive games that will teach your kids how to properly care for their teeth and gums, as well as why they should. Kids can even learn to identify foods that are better for their oral health, a game that you can easily take with you every time you go to the supermarket, or expand to other life lessons by planting a vegetable garden with your kids. There is no shortage of resources to help you get children on board with proper oral hygiene, so there's no excuse for not finding ways to make it fun.

Evan Fischer is a contributing writer for Download Free Games, where you can view kids educational games like Jumpstart Advanced Preschool Fundamentals along with countless others.

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Marielaina Perrone DDS said...

Education in dental health is great news. Love it.


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