Association of Periodontical Procedures with Orthodontical Treatment

Aesthetic aspects have affected the administration of dental diseases in different degrees for many years. Awareness and expectations in patient have risen lately to the level that less than optimum aesthetics are no longer a satisfactory result. On the same level, an important goal of orthodontic treatment is the long term resistance of the outcome. In order to accomplish this, the integrity of dentogingival junction should be respected, and periodontium and dental restorations should be in compatibility. A successful, predictable result can be only expected if an accurate and complete analysis or diagnosis is obtained and utilized to produce a proper treatment procedure and plan. Another part is movement of orthodontic tooth which is the foundation of orthodontic treatment and is only possible because of the built-in nature of the periodontium. Orthodontic treatment influences the periodontal health on couple of grounds. On one side are forces produced to move teeth and on the other side, the adjustment in oral hygiene.

The forces sent to the periodontium by orthodontic appliances definitely have a critical situation producing effect. Without this situation producing influence, movement of tooth would be impossible. Many advances have been also created in understanding the techniques involved in the procedure of tooth movement. But there are many pathologic situations influencing the periodontium that may affect these techniques of tooth movement and change the final outcome of the orthodontic treatment. Likewise awareness of the pathological modifications or other unwanted changes which can come in the periodontium because of appropriate or less than appropriate procedures would help in better treatment technique and administration of patients. Additionally, since periodontal diseases can cause malocclusions secondarily, very frequently orthodontic treatment would be important addition to periodontal therapy. So it is necessary for the orthodontist and periodontist to remember the limitations, benefits and disadvantages while contributing the treatment to the patient completely.

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arlington dentist periodontist tx said...

Great Post! Would love to see some case studies!

dental implants arlington tx said...

I agree with above comment. Do you have any case studies.


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