Prepping for Your Dental School Interview

There are certain career paths that require you to go the extramile long before you are anywhere near to earning a paycheck. And anyoneinterested in working in a medical field will face stiff competition when it comesto gaining admission into their major program. While most students are fillingout basic applications and waiting to hear back from their school of choice,those interested in becoming dental professionals will have to prepare for aninterview process in addition to the standard application requirements. But howdo you prepare for this dental school interview? Here are just a few tips forany student looking to impress the admissions board during an interview.
For starters, you should go in with some idea of what they'regoing to ask. Although each school will probably have its own uniquequestionnaire, most will ask variations on the same questions. Some of theseyou can probably guess on your own, but you may also want to ask parents,school counselors, and industry professionals about what you might expect toface when going into a dental school interview. And if you really want to get aleg up, talk to students that already attend schools you're interested in whenyou go for a campus tour. They should be able to give you a good idea of whatthe interview process entails, having recently faced it themselves.
As for how you will answer, some of the questions will be factualin nature (concerning your schooling and extracurricular activities, for example)while others will be geared towards self-reflection and personal goals. Theseare the ones that you will really need to prepare for since the answers requiresome forethought on your part. You may want to take a few moments to considerwhy you are interested in becoming a dentist. Is it the salary that appeals toyou or the idea of helping others? Perhaps you suffer from dentophobia and youhad a bad experience with dentistry that spurred you to become a reliable andunderstanding healthcare provider for others. Or maybe you had a fantasticdentist who inspired you to enter the field. Whatever the case, you may becalled upon to explain the motivating factors that brought you to the decisionto pursue a career in dentistry.
You should also consider why you want to gain admission into eachinstitution you apply with since they will probably want to know what made youchoose them over other options. Is it a matter of proximity (close to home)?Did the program come highly recommended from a trusted source? Or did therankings and statistics (not to mention the price) play a role in your decisionto seek admission? Again, you need to have a ready (but honest) answer to thisquery. If only you could turn to healthcareinformatics to figure out theanswers, you'd have no trouble at all. But you want to impress the panel andthe best way to do that is to put some thought into these questions so that youcan answer them honestly and eloquently. And don't forget to become familiarwith issues in the industry (insurance, changing technology, etc.) so that youcan speak about them intelligently if asked.

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