Is Laser for Tattoo Removal on Lips Safe??

Lip tattoo has been around in the fashion market for sometime. Some people do want the lip tattoo removed to adapt to the changingfashion. One has to be very cautious while trying to take off lip liner tattoo.First of all, understand that lasers used for skin resurfacing are differentthan the laser used for removing tattoo. A laser is equipment that provides asingle light wavelength. They get very difficult regarding how much energy isprovided, how quickly etc. The best and simple way to view at medical lasers isby the color of light provided. If the color suits something that it touches,heat is provided to the object. In resurfacing lasers, the wavelength of lasersmatches with water. As human body is made up of 85% if water, these lasersvaporize the upper layer of the skin immediately, and can be then used forresurfacing.

For tattoo removal, the ink of tattoo is made of coloredobjects. If you find a laser that matches the color of ink, it will provideheat to those particles, and either break them into smaller particles ofvaporize them. After repeated treatments, these particles get smaller eventually,and may go away after some time.

There are many complication is laser tattoo removal forlips. First of all, all tattoo inks are not of pure color. They may be acombination of various pigments. The laser may be successful in getting rid ofthe portion of ink, but you might be pressurized to change to next level ofwavelength to take off other pigment.

Secondly, though laser technology has been improving lately,there is a side effect of this treatment and that is some heat is provided intothe tissues as well. This heat can result in scarring, but for the lips, itmight result in clotting of some of capillaries of small lip that provide thered color to your lips, it may turn white because of the treatment.

Finally, some pigments of red tattoo can change into blackferrus oxide during exposure to lasers. With all these things in mind, if youwant to go for laser tattoo removal for lip liners, you should go to someonewith appropriate skill and experience in this procedure, and always make sure thatyou use a test spot. It is safe to go back for many sessions, increasing theintensity slowly. You would be running a huge risk of depigrmenting, blackoutline and scarring, if you try to take off all of it only single session.

Austin Tattoo Removal is oneof the best tattoo removing centers in the world today. 

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