Possible Side Effects of Dental Implants

There are many reasons why people opt to get dentalimplants.  In some cases a tooth thatsuffers damage or decay must be removed, leaving an unsightly gap in one’ssmile.  This can not only beembarrassing; it can also lead to serious problems like an incorrect bite ordifficulties with hygiene (food getting stuck in the gap, for example).  So while there is often a cosmetic elementinvolved in the choice to get an implant, there is generally a medical benefitto the procedure, as well.  However, itcan be a tedious process fraught with side effects.  Here are just a few that you should knowabout, although with proper planning you should be able to avoid all of them.

1.       Pain.  As with any type of surgery (oral or otherwise)you’re bound to experience some pain when you opt to undergo dentalimplants.  The process could takeanywhere from about three to six months from the time you have the post set in yourjaw to the time your cap is attached, and most of this will be spent waitingfor the implant to take hold and your jaw to heal.  There will likely be bleeding and swellinginitially (especially if stitches are required), as well as aching or outrightpain.  But your dentist will apprise youof this possibility and almost certainly prescribe painkillers to help youthrough the process.
2.       Rejection.  In rare cases, dental implants fail to“take”.  While it is not always clear whythis occurs, the prevailing theory is that the failure is caused by bacteriapresent in the mouth at the time of the implant procedure.  Despite the fact that dentists do their bestto ensure a sterile environment, it is not always possible to purge allbacterium before a procedure, and factors like smoking or poor hygiene increasethe risk of rejection.

3.       Infection.  Proper oral hygiene is essential to ensuringthat your implant has a long life.  Whentreated well, modern implants can last up to forty years without incident.  But if you fail to maintain your oral health withthorough hygienical practices at home and regular dental check-ups, then youshould not be surprised if infections and decay become a problem.

4.       Allergicreaction.  The root of a false tooth isgenerally made from a titanium alloy because bone bonds to this metal, makingfor a secure post to attach a false tooth. However, about 4% of the population is estimated to suffer from somemeasure of titanium allergy.  Often, thisbecomes apparent long before a dental implant is attempted simply because somany products these days contain trace amounts of titanium (jewelry, cosmetics,and even candy coating).  But if you areunaware of a titanium allergy before an implant, you could suffer a wide rangeof side effects, such as itching, rash, muscle pain, and over time, evenchronic fatigue.  If you’re worried thatyou may suffer from a titanium allergy, simply visit an allergy specialist for testingbefore you schedule your dental implant.

5.Times New Roman';">       Changein bite.  In most cases, a dental implantwill help to restore the bite pattern that is altered when a tooth islost.  But if you experience feelings ofdiscomfort or something just seems off when you chew after an implant has beenplaced, you should discuss your concerns with your dentist in order to correctyour bite so that it feels natural.

Evan Fischer is a contributing writer for Face and JawSurgery – Dental Implants North Dakotawhere you can find specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

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