Why Branding is Important for Your Dental Practice

An imaginative brand, created with enthusiasm anda deep understanding of the product or service it will be used to market, helpsyour business stand out from the common herd and is essential for your success.  If you are starting up your own dentalpractice you will need to establish and maintain a brand that will help connectyou to customers by increasing their awareness of you and at the same time createa foundation for lasting customer loyalty. Your brand will express to the world where you stand in the field ofdentistry, why you are a better choice than other dentists, and, mostimportantly, what defines your identity.

Dentists are a necessary component in the overallhealth of an average person, so you are already one step ahead of otherbusinesses.  Unfortunately yourcompetition, especially if you live in a larger community or area, is probablyfairly stiff.  That means investing inthe creation of a unique – yet appropriate – brand for you is key. 

You must begin by having a complete understandingabout your place in the world of dentistry. Your identity, and thus your brand, is more than a logo or creativetagline, catchy though it may be.  Youmust be able to articulate your backstory and your mission statement.  You should be aware of how you want thepublic to perceive you, and ask yourself, How much of my personality as adentist will go into my brand? Understanding how your voice is different than any of your competitorsand how to amplify that voice will allow you to connect with your customers onan emotional level. 

Your brand must be consistent; that is, it shouldnot only be a functional symbol that suggests “Dentist!” to your customers, butmust also be packed with meaning.  Everythingabout your brand should refer back to your original mission statement.  If you have created a clear and articulatemission statement you will have a much easier time organizing your thoughts andusing your imagination to create an accessible brand that your prospectivepatients will be able to embrace.

An important component in the identity of yourbrand is the fonts, images, and color schemes that you will use in creatingyour logo or tagline.  First consider thereadability of any font you are considering, always remembering that yourcustomers must be able to use little effort in deciphering your text.  When choosing a color scheme, asks yourselfabout colors that are meaningful to you, and why they make you feel the way youdo.  Conduct some research to see whatexperts say about the effect certain colors have on consumers.  Check out websites or signage from yourcompetitors.  What do you respond to? 

The brand you create for your dental office willgo a long way towards creating your success. You will use it on any websites, social media, or store signage you use, so it is essentialthat you use your best effort.  Yourbrand will tell the world all about you and bring in the patients you need fora successful business venture.

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