PRGF: Most Advanced Healing Treatment in Dental Implants

Plasma Rich in Growth Factor (PRGF) is an amazing discovery of treatment in the area of healing that can be implemented to dental world which is known to speed up the healing process greatly. Patients feel extremely comfortable with this procedure. In the past, it took a while for people to heal in any dental implants treatment, which always avert patients from taking anxious steps to improve their looks, in the fear that they may not be able to eat properly, or they wouldn’t feel comfortable. The advantage of PRGF is that the treatment can be tried with least interruption to the usual routine of the patient, making it more simple and convenient to carry out and more comfortable after the completion of the treatment.

How does it work? The PRGF or Plasma Rich in Growth Factor works by drawing little blood from the patient before beginning of the treatment. Then this sample is placed in a device called centrifuge which cuts apart a kind of protein from the sample. Our body uses these proteins in healing procedure naturally from any injury and works on tissue to reproduce and wounds to heal. When the protein is applied to the effected area, the patient is able to get advantage from his or her own process of healing in a natural way.

The only dissimilarity to the natural procedure is that we can speed up the reproduction of the tissue, providing the body an extra hand via a non-invasive, safe and non-chemical process. By making use of own capacity of the patient for healing, the power of present abilities to reproduce can be applied. The process has been used already across Europe, helping people to heal without any effort and quickly.

Applying the PRGF power for Dentistry:

When it comes to dentistry, many people admit that the advantages of having a beautiful smile can change lives by bringing new confidence with an enhanced appearance. The idea of getting treatment that could take very long time to cure can put lot of people off from getting advantages from the transformative procedure powers. The utilization of PRGF has changed everything, by providing a new assurance that even the most basic dental treatment can be carried out with minimum complication to the patient, providing them all the advantages without the traditional curing time connected with extra work. 

This article is intended for patient information

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