Hydrofloss Oral Irrigator -A Product Review

I had read all about oral irrigators as a dental student and so when I was asked to do a product review for Hydrofloss® oral irrigator I was excited. The product arrived in a nice blue box which contained this device with 4 different tips and a instructional DVD. The DVD and the information booklet provided by the company where really helpful to gain insight about the device and getting started with it.

I have had frequent problems with food lodging between my molars and premolars with gums getting inflamed every once in awhile causing irritation and that dull pain with a known fear of impending pocket developing in that area . This was one of those days where I was having this problem come visit me, so was keen to know if this new device would help me in anyway. And so began my test of the new oral irrigator at hand. The researcher in me got curious and I began reading the literature about oral irrigation to understand it better. When I speak of oral irrigation here it only is about supragingival irrigation and dose not entail subgingival or those that is done at dental office.

The rationale for the use of oral irrigation is in common with brushing and flossing; in that it is used nonspecifically to reduce the microbial deposits. It should be clearly understood that oral irrigation should not be used as a monotheraphy, and it is more effective when used as an adjunct to brushing and flossing. The Hydrofloss® produces a pulsating stream of water with compression and decompression. The decompression phase helps the displacement of the debris and the bacteria(1). If brushing and flossing reduced the microbial plaque then why would I need this additional oral irrigator?? The mechanism in which this Hydrofloss® works had some answers to this. The Hydrofloss® produces magnetized water. The water passing through the device passes through a magnetic field before being delivered out of the tip at high pressure. This magnetic field causes the water to be ionized. The high pressure ionized water prevents the attachment of plaque and bacteria to the tooth(2). A study conducted to see the difference between the oral irrigators using the magnetized water and non-magnetized water on plaque and calculus formation saw significant difference. Magnetic water was shown to reduce the supragingival plaque and calculus at 3 month duration(3).

The use of oral irrigator is quite simple if the instructional booklet and the DVD are followed, it however dose take some little practice to use it. The whole mouth irrigation with about 40-50 floz of water should take about 2.5 minutes, just about the same time as brushing. Oh yea! It did leave a nice tingling and fresh feeling when I used it. I used the oral irrigator with luke warm water and some times with Listerine® mouthwash as recommended and within couple of days I did see some positive changes with the gums especially in the molar region where it was inflamed because of the food impaction. It can be used with both plain water or along with couple
spoon full of your favorite mouth wash. According to studies in literature supragingival irrigation with antimicrobial agents improved clinical and microbiological parameters than irrigation with water especially in periodontal supportive therapy by inhibiting the development of gingivitis.(1). A report published in JADA quoted a dentist recommending use of hydrogen peroxide and 2 squirts of antimicrobial liquid soap along with water to be used in oral irrigation. Such reports with no scientific backing or valid data should be considered with utmost care and are best avoided(4).

The Hydrofloss® should not be considered as a replacement for brushing or flossing but rather as adjuncts to these. It certainly could be added to our armamentarium in fight against plaque and gingivitis. Regular dental visits and professional consultations are also important for good oral health. For sure it will be with me forever now and I would surely recommend it to all my patients.


1) The Role of Supra- and Subgingival Irrigation in the Treatment of Periodontal Diseases: J. Periodontol 2005; 76:2015-2027.

2) Efficient Antimicrobial Treatment In Periodontal Maintenance Care, Slots; JADA 2000;31: 1293-1304.

3) The effect of oral irrigation with a magnetic water treatment device on plaque and calculus. Watt DL; J. Clin periodontal; 1993 May;20(5):314-7.

4) A New Approach to At Home oral irrigation. Venneri J A; JADA 1997;128:755.

Disclaimer: The review for the product was not a paid review and comments made above are solely the experience of the author and are unbiased. However readers should buy the product at their own discretion and author is in no way to be held responsible.

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