Relationship between general health and periodontal health. A diffrent view point.

Studies have found some relationships between the lifestyle or socioeconomic status of subjects and the relationship to oral health. The published studies relating the poor periodontal health and preterm labor, or cardiovascular risk has drawn some attention in the recent times. So this post at this times seems to me to be quite relevant.
This thought occurred to me just today morning. When considering the relationship between periodontal health and systemic health in subjects the point to be kept in mind is the general awareness of the patients towards their health. The point I am trying to emphasize is that, for example, a to be mother who is cautious enough to take all the care of her general health and hygiene but naturally would try to also try and maintain good oral hygiene. There by such an individual would not only have good periodontal health but would also have lesser risk factors for preterm labor given to her good health and hygiene practice. Similarly a person who is into maintaining good general health by regular exercise, good diet and habits (e.g. nonsmoker) would have a good oral hygiene too as part of general protocol. In such an individual the lesser tendency for cardiovascular risk is because of the lesser risk factors created by maintaining a good lifestyle. There are of course genetic or other developmental factors for the occurrence of systemic disease but by having a good and disciplined lifestyle the occurrence of the same can be avoided or delayed.
By making the above statements I am not questioning all those studies trying to link oral health to systemic health. It is just that apart from the oral health the subjects own attitude and general lifestyle do play its own part in the occurrence of the disease.

1) By looking at the oral health of subjects you will have a idea about which of these patients in your clinic is following good oral and general health practice there by subjecting themselves to risk to diseases. May be you could recommend some changes
2) When you see subject with a poor oral hygiene, you can go one step further about not only recording the medical history but also about their lifestyle to detect any potentially harmful practices, which not only affect oral but general health too. May be you would want them to see their physician if they haven't had a visit with them recently. That way we dentist can help our subjects not only to maintain good oral health but general health too.

Mouth is considered mirror of the body.... and you have a bigger role to play.

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